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one of those eureka moments

Wednesday, August 29th, 2007

IT WORKS!!! muahahaha… the darn 3G broadband actually works!

and what was the first thing I did with it? Downloaded about 3 months worth of ubuntu feisty updates on my desktop machine hahaha… what a nerd I am.

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omg omg omg

Tuesday, August 28th, 2007

my virgin broadband router got delivered today!!!!11!1
Cross every appendage you can; I need this to work.

Oh and on the weekend my mum also got me to purchase an analog video/audio capture card and it arrived today too… she wants me to convert all her favourite VHS tapes into DVDs (and why not?… it’ll be an interesting exercise). I think I might plug it into my HTPC

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work, broadband.

Monday, August 27th, 2007

Well, the Holy Trinity of 1337 didn’t quite score the perfect “Outstanding” trifecta, but 2/3 aint bad! Even so, we still caclulate the 1337’s IQ brought to the “employer” with the following equation: (i^n), where i = average IQ between the 1337 members, and n = number of membersm, and ^ is the standard “power of” symbol. In our case, (200^3) = 8’000’000. 😉

I signed up to Virgin Broadband on Friday last week… while it only offers 4gb per month, I think it will just have to do. The modem connects via the 3G spectrum to Optus’s network, with voice and internet services tunnelled over that to the ISP. The voice isn’t VOIP, but rather they simply give you a standard ‘landline’ FNN, and when called the phone attached to the modem will ring. Free STD + local calls, calls to mobiles + international + special services extra. Internet speed is 512k. All in all, a fairly decent product.
Just waiting on the delivery of the CPE and whatnot now, so I’ll have an update on the subject once I actually start using the product 🙂

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Tuesday, August 21st, 2007

one of the reasons for me recently re-building my home server was to more easily implement some anti-spam functions… in case you didn’t realise, downloading 300+ pieces of email every day over dialup does not make for good times.

so today I finally got around to installing SpamAssassin and, following a ubuntu/spamassassin guide on the net, got it setup – and voila: it works! I’m sure there was some level of pebkac involved in my old fedora setup; I just couldn’t get it working back then… i’d end up with infinite MTA loops between postfix and spamd. I suspect one line made all the difference.

I also took the opportunity to clarify various blocking techniques based on RBLs, so now postfix also stops spam dead in its tracks based on a bunch of “reject_rbl_client” restrictions in the “smtpd_client_restrictions” directive, referring to SpamHaus, Sorbs, etc. (there’s about half a dozen services referenced).

So, today I have achieved. Can I go home yet?

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rain and dsl

Monday, August 20th, 2007

omfg its raining… seriously, a soft steady rain that isn’t letting up and lasting for 24+ hours… I haven’t seen that in quite literally years now. Damnable drought!

I did a little digging around whirlpool and telstra wholesale to see which DA (cmux distribution area) my street is located on. Here’s the document that lists the streets / sububs / DAs / exchanges… just try to find your street (or the closest street) and it’ll tell you what DA you could be on.
And guess what, definately no available ports on my DA, and no plans to upgrade either. Here’s the Telstra Wholesale page that shows various adsl reports and the like, but for some reason it doesn’t have a link for the DA-specific xls.

God damn you Telstra – upgrade my DA already!

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updates to gallery

Thursday, August 16th, 2007

I finally got around to taking some photos of the externals of our house, now that the fence and turf are in…. they’ve been uploaded to our gallery as usual. I think it looks pretty cool!

I’ve also put the photos of our day trip to O’Reilly’s into the gallery as well… it really is a very beautiful place to visit. It’s located in the Lamington National Park, about an hour inland of the Gold Coast. Pics of our visit are located in our gallery here.

On another note I also managed to score an “outstanding” for my annual review at work… woooooo. Our bonues are made up of two parts – 50% is the company performance, 50% individiual performance. The powers-that-be gave the company a rating of 110%, and my outstanding equates to 120%. Therefore I’ll be getting 115% of the alloted bonus for my role.

I think the entire holy trinity of 1337 will score outstandings all round this year 🙂

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lol @ my work

Sunday, August 12th, 2007

heh, ok… so I come back to work after my couple of days off and here’s what faces me:

  • No performance-based pay increase as per other years, only a one-off bonus.
  • No streaming content (such as youtube, nasa tv, radio/music)
  • no laptops for non-work-related purposes (eg no movies to while away the tedium during non-busy times)
  • no hand-held game devices such as a DS
  • yet browser-based games such as javascript things are allowed… go figure.

Needless to say there could be a rebellion brewing.

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Saturday, August 11th, 2007

I spent most of today giving almost every square inch of my new lawn a thorough soaking with the hose. This is the second time in a week it has been watered like that, and will get another one or two waterings in the coming week too, so that the turf gets established properly. The Gold Coast city council rules dictate that I can water it til my heart’s content for 2 weeks only… then it must join the rest of the region in level 5 water restrictions. urgh.

Went shopping too… damn Saturdays at the westfield shops is an ordeal. Every bloody time.

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a new beginning

Thursday, August 9th, 2007

Ok, so now on my newly rebuilt Ubuntu 7.04 Server I can actually host wordpresss successfully… for now 😉

Our new house was completed back in late May, we moved in towards the beginning of June, and now it’s all good! The turf and fencing are going in this week.

Other than that, there’s not much else going on… except I HAVE NO BROADBAND!!!!!1!11!!! Damn Telstra mofo’s… can’t they just get their act together and provide enough ports + cmux equipment in the field? BAH

The big collection of pictures of our land + house while it was being build can be found here.

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Hello world!

Thursday, August 9th, 2007

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

yeah yeah yeah, i know this is the default wordpress post… but i do need some ‘filler’ on the front page, dont-ye-know.

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