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it’s only October you retards

Thursday, October 18th, 2007

so there I was yesterday driving through one of the streets close to my house, when I saw the objects of my current disgust: A certain house (which, last year, went over the top in this regard too) has ALREADY BEGUN TO PUT UP THEIR CHRISTMAS LIGHTS. Un-fucking-believable. It’s the middle of October, for God’s sake!

Those of you who know me well enough by now would understand why this kind of foolishness typically ticks me off, however let me also add another point to the argument :
I’m convinced that the excessive use of christmas lights around the world during the silly season (and that is exactly the right term for it, I might add) contribtes tons of extra emissions into the atmosphere by the powerstations required to supply these goons with the juice.
Think about it… you have all the private homes behaving this way to varying degrees, and corporate offices doing their thing too, but then you also have all the commercial stores and malls and town squares and goodness knows what else trying to out-do eachother every year in what seems to be a competition to see who can light their tree/premises the most without actually causing permenant eye damage (public liability insurance costs lots you understand)

I want to see a graph of the typical power station’s electrical output over a 12 month period, and also another graph showing average power usage over the 24 hours of the day for, say, September compared to December. I bet $2 (i’m a stingy bastard) that :

  1. any downturn in power consumption due to the christmas holidays is needlessly offset (to some degree) by the use of lights, and
  2. world power consumption in the evenings during December would be higher than any other month of the year (i’m talking about the ‘net’ consumption, after taking into account seasonal (winter vs summer) heating/cooling requirements in both hemispheres, etc)

I’m gonna call Al Gore, and please won’t someone think of the children?!

(i’m reminded of the National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation.)
the snow would melt in 10min

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all hail the mighty forester

Thursday, October 11th, 2007

This has been a week of relatively wild weather on the Gold Coast… 4 days in a row of severe thunderstorms! I wish I had taken some pics, but my ranks in forethought are rather limited. Banger did though! Gotta love these pics.

i’m somewhat bemused at the thought of what the mathematical probabilities would be of getting cought on the highway in the same suburb in a hailstorm – twice in less than 12 hours. This happened to me! On tuesday afternoon we were on our way home after purchasing a new bed for the guest room, and the hail started pelting down on Nerang. I drove around a few streets franticly looking for cover, but none was to be found. The next day, driving to work through Nerang again, the heavens opened once more… this time it was almost purely ice, not much rain, and the hailstones were a little bigger this time; I was convinced the forester wouldn’t fare to well. When we got to work though, after a quick inspection – wonder of wonders – no dents!
Naturally, I have come to the conclusion that my Subaru Forester is invincible.

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i hate the emoweb

Friday, October 5th, 2007

honestly, what the fuck is with all these new social networking sites and all that other junk? I will never – repeat, never – get an account on such places as facebook, myspace, etc. I don’t ever want to ‘digg’ or otherwise tag anything (and haven’t done so yet), god help me if you ever see digg or tags on this blog. Shit, even the fact that i’ve setup a ‘blog’ here makes me feel all dirty. Oh for the days of homepages with static content. I’m even trying to figure out how to remove my profile made a decade ago from (they insist on spamming me… tards), and the last time I saw anyone from school was at least 18mths ago.

For some reason, these new “features” of the internet just don’t do it for me. I’m not a socialite, and I don’t care about keeping track of old friends and work colleagues using some new fangled ajaxey whizbang resource-hoggy 2.0 site where a glamour photo of myself is encouraged. hahaha… for your own wellbeing I will not subject you to that!

I continue to do what every other true geek does – use an instant messenger with specific people on it, use IRC (and warcraft) occasionally if it want a bit of social escapism, and I maintain my own site (and domains) with content that I specifically want. End of story.

So to all of you “cool” people out there that have finally found a niche of the internet where you feel comfortable (which I will henceforth refer to as the “emoweb” from now on), good on you. I’m happy that after 15 years of the modern internet you’ve finally been able to use for what we all know you only wanted to do with it; finding someone you know to gossip about / perv on / libel / date / etc… thats the only thing those sites are used for, and you know it. Soon enough you’ll be back to doing what you do best: crying yourselves a fucking river

All I ask is that you keep maintaining the status quo that we established in high school: you cool kids keep to yourselves, and we’ll keep to ourselves.

To those of you managing to survive the onslaught of such foolishness, I commend you 😀

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