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i feel so dirty

Friday, December 28th, 2007

ok ok ok, I caved in to popular demand and added some of what i think are the more popular social bookmarking links at the end of each post… 🙄
who knows… maybe I’ll actually get some visitors to the site? 😯

besides, it appears to add a little splash of colour to the site.

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christmas, server relocation, and work

Friday, December 28th, 2007

quite an eventful week!

We hosted christmas at our house this year… so quite a lot of the family descended upon us, with the wife’s family also staying in our guest rooms for a few days prior to and after the day. It all went off without a hitch, and I was also unexpectedly delighted at seeing the wife’s new Eee PC (running xandros) performing well with a video Skype call to her sister in New Zealand! Never having used skype before, it appears to have worked quite well, and the internet speeds kept up just fine.
We also seemed to get the most amount of presents this year, too… about half a dozen in fact, which is quite odd seeing as the present-giving procedure for this year was to be of the ‘secret santa’ kind in which everyone should have only received about 1 gift. I’m still trying to figure out how it worked out like that.

I also performed an upgrade of my server from Ubuntu (with xfce) 7.04 to 7.10… the proper way (using “do-release-upgrade”) didn’t work at all – it kept spitting out some errors, which was probably because of my mandate to use a new BigPond repository to retrieve the gutsy upgrades from, which didn’t have the Feisty collection (only Gutsy and Hardy)… its strange how that official upgrade program works in that it doesn’t allow you to specify a special/different repository to get the new files from – only the existing apt repos.
So then I resorted to an “aptitude dist-upgrade”… which worked reasonably well; downloaded ~600mb worth of stuff, and all-in-all it seemed to work fairly well. Until I rebooted. It didn’t come back up! 🙁
So then I had to drive up to Brissy today to fetch the box; I didn’t bother looking to see where it had stalled, I just took it home with me, plugged it into the virgin modem, etc. According to the output, GDM was crashing repeatedly… had to disable that for the moment, not sure what the issue is.
SpamAssassin was uninstalled for some reason, and the included upgrade to wordpress (2.2.2) managed to break this site spectacularly until I fixed up the config include paths and widgets. Had to change the outbound mail server relay obviously.

It was announced last week (verbally – absolutely nothing written) that our contact centre will be servicing a new client, progressively ramping up support from January onwards. Excellent; i think we’ve all had a gutful of this current client.
They’ve advertised for staff to apply for the new client… so instead of asking people, they’re forcing people to update CVs and compete with eachother if they want to see greener pastures.
I have some issues with this approach:

  1. I’m currently a senior tech, employed to do everything these specialists positions will do. This smacks of them asking me to re-apply for my own job.
  2. The entire centre will be servicing the new client eventually – why force us to apply for the roles? Shouldn’t management simply re-assign staff that are interested?
  3. Legally, they must provide me with a like-for-like job when the time comes to switch clients; whats the fucking point of me going through the CV prep, being grilled in an interview, with the outcome possibly being negative, or if in the end I will end up there anyway?


  • If management want me, they can fucking ask me; management know how good I am at this role, and my peers all appreciate me too.
    If they don’t want me, then they must be prepared to either:

    • offer me a like-for-like job when the current client winds up, or
    • offer me a redundancy.

I’m not after redundancy – not at all. I just wish management here treat staff the way we are deserved to be.

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damn script kiddies… heh

Sunday, December 16th, 2007

lol ok, so a week or two ago i got a msg from an associate of mine on msn that he wanted help with finding out the contact details of someone he needed to “bust” for causing him/his company ~$5k worth of excess usage fees. He told me the that the culprit was a fool on austnet (my associate is an oper there too), and told me what the guy’s nickname was.
Fair enough, so I referred him to Grey Pages. All good.

Then I went on to austnet and basically said to him “lol you’re going to be sooo busted” (or something to that effect). No more was said then.

Lastnight, i was minding my own business on austnet when the guy made contact with me. We had a short conversation; he asked me to explain; i mentioned no names or anything, but basically that he’d been silly and that he might be getting busted for it. He took it badly. After a few minutes, i got pinged twice by someone who i think was also in one of the same channels as he was. That’s when i quit. I guess they were sniffing the packets, as shortly after that I noticed the latency getting out of hand.

This was all done remotely via my box on my parent’s bigpond connection. The kiddie retaliated; I ended up getting ddossed offline (and by offline i mean i shut down my server for a while just in case), and now my parents are throttled. ~5.5gb worth of flooding.

Now it’s back online – with a different IP – and now we’re all good again (albeit running at 64k/64k).

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