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creationova code bin, holidays

Friday, March 21st, 2008

i recently went on holidays for a fortnight, and asside from spending a week up the coast with the inlaws, I gave myself a little project to do with creationova… finally!!!!

So behold! the CreatioNova Code Bin!

What is it, I hear you ask? Well it is simply a site that will let you paste text – code or othewise – to let you share it with others. Invaluable for places like IRC where you’re collaborating with / helping others with their programming. People that do this generally use Pastebin which already exists… yeah i know, whats the point in creating a clone of it… the point is that I *can*. It’s free for use by anyone.
To do: anti-spam measures (i’d love to use akismet, but the live post checking seems to be a bit flakey sometimes… definately need something localised), google advertising, and the rest of the * sites.

Another portion of my holidays was dedicating an afternoon of travelling down the coast a little bit to my childhood holiday haunts of Cabarita, Hastings Point, and Pottsville – all next to eachother on the far northern NSW coast. I really wish I had taken my camera – the sea/beach was just so beautiful, and the memories that surfaced were great… I don’t think I stopped grinning the whole way. I even had a swim at cabarita beach… wonderful!

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