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Saturday, January 24th, 2009

well its been a long time between posts, but finally I have some news!

Over the past 6 months or so all i’ve been doing at work has been playing warcraft, watching tv shows and movies, and raping the “test” dsl bandwidth. The work load has been virtually negligible.

So, to that end, I made an enquiry with my old employer (an ISP who i used to work for from 2004-2007 until we were bought out by a contact centre company) in December… they offered me a great role and a nice salary, virtually no questions asked! My last day with my ‘current’ employer was yesterday! woooohooo! On the 2nd of Feb i’ll be starting with the ISP again. The only down side is that I’ll now have to commute to Brisbane. meh.

I’m upgrading my eeepc today to to the new eeebuntu NBR version based on ubuntu 8.10. Well, at least I would if I didn’t just discover that my corsair 2gb usb key was faulty. bah.

With the recent summer storms sweeping through the gold coast area, i’ve taken up amature lightning photography. The camera I’ve got isn’t really suitable for it though; its a Canon PowerShot G7, which means it can only do exposures to a maximum of 15 seconds, and there’s no ability to use an external/manual shutter release. But, some of the shots have turned out rather well. Here’s the gallery.

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