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Thursday, April 9th, 2009

I went and set up the other day… i was very surprised to see that domain was available to be registered! Basically the page is simple – have a few pictures, sourced locally and from remote security vendors. If conficker is installed, it will block access to those remote vendor website and therefore won’t show the images.

I got myself a Samsung 1TB drive the other day. There was one hiccup though – Windows could only detect it as being a 32mb drive! That’s the size of the cache. So i went and downloaded the ESTool applicaiton, burnt it to a cd, and reset the native disk size. So far so good. I think i’ll purchase an external backup drive before completely changing my htpc setup. The plan is to convert the two existing 500gb drives into a raid array; windows + movies will be on the array, and tv shows will be on the new 1tb drive.

Work is going well enough… kind of boring, but it may pick up soon with some php development opportunities coming along. Mostly all i’m doing at the moment is just data faults administrative duties… working out of an email queue which customers send to (dns change requests, other faults, etc)

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