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Tuesday, September 8th, 2009

i’m still bored and fed up with work… i knew there was something wrong with me when i thought coding for a job would be satisfying. Don’t get me wrong, completing a block of code / page / project is quite rewarding but the real problem is that I’ve got an incredible lack of motivation in getting any of my projects started. Usually once I make a good solid start then the ideas and desires to complete it keep on flowing… but i guess I’m not a coder at heart. I’ll happily resolve customer faults (eg dns, routing, etc) over coding… i guess that indicates my preference for my original/true career path: networking + sysadmin.

I’m still apathetic about the whole work thing. In fact i’ve been having daydreams (which for me is serious contemplation) about changing careers completely to something non-IT.
I’d love to be a:

The main problem is, again, one of motivation. And creativity. I love the idea of being creative, and really in my heart i am a creative person, but i have always had trouble expressing it.

Speaking of jewellery design, i heard on one of the episodes of The Tech Guy mention of CAD/CAM jewellery creation… wow, that that is inspiring! (hence the above item).
I managed to obtain a copy of their Digital Goldsmith 4 software (for self-educational purposes only!) but I haven’t installed it yet, though i am looking forward to it… their examples and demos are amazing.

Last week i overhauled my media centre box and installed Windows 7 onto it (90 day ‘enterprise’ trial)… quite impressed! Still a few quirks to iron out like the 856×480 (or is that 852×480, or even 848×480??) native resolution… the bundled driver comes close (within media centre), but the desktop resolutions are lacking. The latest nvidia drivers are woeful and won’t allow me to set a user-defined resolution, let alone pick one of the low resolutions above that i know my 42″ LG display will cope with.
Every other feature l0oks and works great though, so i’m happy; finances permitting i’m 95% sure i’ll buy it come october.

partly because my installation of wordpress via installatron was broken (wouldn’t permit updates), and partly because i was bored, i decided to reinstall/overhaul this site today. Out with the old ‘pixel-green’ theme, in with this new one… looks alright, though i’m not completely satisfied. Oh and it fails wonderfully in IE… but then again i don’t particularly care about IE users. *looks around the office*

recently – well, if you call March recent – i started IRCing again from work, and this time in addition to the somewhat work-related PHP irc channel I decided to join a channel a little more off-topic… the network is Freenode.
For. The. Win!
the channels i’m usually in are ##php and ##australia.

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