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mkv / h264 in Windows 7 Media Center

Tuesday, November 23rd, 2010

If you’re reading this it probably means you’re having issues with high def h264 content in WMC7 displaying properly. My experience with using the built-in codec was rather odd… some videos would play fine, some would play but have horrible blocky glitches / artifacts appearing every so often.

I use the Shark007 codec pack. It’s an easy, no fuss, powerful yet minimalistic approach to managing the codecs on your win7 box. I’d tried a few combinations to no avail, until I learnt that it usually takes a registry edit to force Media Centre to stop using its built in codecs and start using the additional/alternative codecs supplied in the Shark007 package. I even got my set up working perfectly in Windows Media Player, but WMC insisted on using its own!

Thankfully the Shark007 package has a special tickbox that makes disabling WMC’s own codec easy:

Tick that box called “Disable the DivX Media Foundation splitter” 🙂

Here’s my H264 tab for the record:

Not using WMC’s built in decoder now also means that AC3Filter gets used for the audio. A few clicks of the AC3 configuration now means that I can watch bluray rips with proper 5.1 surround sound 😀

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