all hail the mighty forester

This has been a week of relatively wild weather on the Gold Coast… 4 days in a row of severe thunderstorms! I wish I had taken some pics, but my ranks in forethought are rather limited. Banger did though! Gotta love these pics.

i’m somewhat bemused at the thought of what the mathematical probabilities would be of getting cought on the highway in the same suburb in a hailstorm – twice in less than 12 hours. This happened to me! On tuesday afternoon we were on our way home after purchasing a new bed for the guest room, and the hail started pelting down on Nerang. I drove around a few streets franticly looking for cover, but none was to be found. The next day, driving to work through Nerang again, the heavens opened once more… this time it was almost purely ice, not much rain, and the hailstones were a little bigger this time; I was convinced the forester wouldn’t fare to well. When we got to work though, after a quick inspection – wonder of wonders – no dents!
Naturally, I have come to the conclusion that my Subaru Forester is invincible.

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  1. jims says:

    I must say your might beast is indeed a decent steed!

    Meanwhile, my VR Commodore was too scared to even come to work 😛

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