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The broadband us running well! I moved the modem to the front lounge room because thats where I get the best reception, with a “good” signal strength of about -83db (according to the modem), so now it is serving wifi to all my computers. I had to end up buying a Netgear WPN311 pci wifi card for my main system. Windows XP had a hissy fit with the netgear wifi software, so windows zeroconfig is in use… that may have been due to wpa / wpa2 issues though (for some reason xp didn’t have the wpa2 hotfix installed). [and I was only in windows so I could easily do the video recording and editing with the CyberLink PowerDirector stuff… cbf’d going down the equivalent linux path with that kind of task just yet]

I also completely forgot about fathers day! 🙁 We got a Bunnings hardware voucher for him on Thursday, and he was even down for a visit on the Saturday andcalled up on Monday night, but on each occasion I forgot to wish him a happy fathers day… Sunday itself was just a write-off from my point of view (roster change, and other stuff)… is it too tactless to ring him tonight, and give him the voucher when I next see him? Is it one of those occasions where if you don’t do the honours on the day then you’ve missed the opportunity until the next year?

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  1. jims says:

    Yeah – Your going to hell and ain’t ever going to be forgiven!

    I told you that you should have just called him as soon as you remembered 😛

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