damn script kiddies… heh

lol ok, so a week or two ago i got a msg from an associate of mine on msn that he wanted help with finding out the contact details of someone he needed to “bust” for causing him/his company ~$5k worth of excess usage fees. He told me the that the culprit was a fool on austnet (my associate is an oper there too), and told me what the guy’s nickname was.
Fair enough, so I referred him to Grey Pages. All good.

Then I went on to austnet and basically said to him “lol you’re going to be sooo busted” (or something to that effect). No more was said then.

Lastnight, i was minding my own business on austnet when the guy made contact with me. We had a short conversation; he asked me to explain; i mentioned no names or anything, but basically that he’d been silly and that he might be getting busted for it. He took it badly. After a few minutes, i got pinged twice by someone who i think was also in one of the same channels as he was. That’s when i quit. I guess they were sniffing the packets, as shortly after that I noticed the latency getting out of hand.

This was all done remotely via my box on my parent’s bigpond connection. The kiddie retaliated; I ended up getting ddossed offline (and by offline i mean i shut down my server for a while just in case), and now my parents are throttled. ~5.5gb worth of flooding.

Now it’s back online – with a different IP – and now we’re all good again (albeit running at 64k/64k).

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  1. jims says:

    So, the lesson we have learnt here is … ?

  2. elf says:

    the lesson is – if one wishes to interact with a scriptkiddie, one must do so on *all* levels

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