i hate the emoweb

honestly, what the fuck is with all these new social networking sites and all that other junk? I will never – repeat, never – get an account on such places as facebook, myspace, etc. I don’t ever want to ‘digg’ or otherwise tag anything (and haven’t done so yet), god help me if you ever see digg or del.icio.us tags on this blog. Shit, even the fact that i’ve setup a ‘blog’ here makes me feel all dirty. Oh for the days of homepages with static content. I’m even trying to figure out how to remove my profile made a decade ago from schoolfriends.com.au (they insist on spamming me… tards), and the last time I saw anyone from school was at least 18mths ago.

For some reason, these new “features” of the internet just don’t do it for me. I’m not a socialite, and I don’t care about keeping track of old friends and work colleagues using some new fangled ajaxey whizbang resource-hoggy 2.0 site where a glamour photo of myself is encouraged. hahaha… for your own wellbeing I will not subject you to that!

I continue to do what every other true geek does – use an instant messenger with specific people on it, use IRC (and warcraft) occasionally if it want a bit of social escapism, and I maintain my own site (and domains) with content that I specifically want. End of story.

So to all of you “cool” people out there that have finally found a niche of the internet where you feel comfortable (which I will henceforth refer to as the “emoweb” from now on), good on you. I’m happy that after 15 years of the modern internet you’ve finally been able to use for what we all know you only wanted to do with it; finding someone you know to gossip about / perv on / libel / date / etc… thats the only thing those sites are used for, and you know it. Soon enough you’ll be back to doing what you do best: crying yourselves a fucking river

All I ask is that you keep maintaining the status quo that we established in high school: you cool kids keep to yourselves, and we’ll keep to ourselves.

To those of you managing to survive the onslaught of such foolishness, I commend you 😀

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