landslide… wheeee!

we had a bit of a downpour a few days ago; parts of the GC and northern NSW got flooded, pottholes reminiscent of meteor impact craters, etc.

there was a veritable waterfall beside my driveway. our neighbour up the hill had recently cleared their land in prep for building, and unfortunately they hadn’t put up any runoff barrier guard stuff. So all their water basically drained onto ours – thankfully when we moved in we put in about 50 meters of that black plastic drain that goes up the length of the driveway and doglegs up the side along a gardenbed and basically meets where the water runoff from the neighbours enters our property.
So basically it was a waterfall down my driveway. Water was gushing up on the 45-degree c0rners of the guttering, and it washed away a little bit of garden bed (only about 1 or 2 square feet of bark though thankfully)

But i’m not complaining – At least it wasn’t as bad as what happened to these folks down the road (photo taken from my loungeroom)… i wonder what they’re going to have to spend to on the cleanup and the inevitable retaining required from this episode?

landslide small

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