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so the thermaltake blue orb ii cpu fan was getting somewhat loud, making my media center box quite unpleasant and distracting from the home theatre experience.

So I went and purchased a Noctua NH-C12P SE14 cooler. AWESOMELY QUIET. I can’t hear the thing AT ALL 😀 and with a 14cm fan it keeps the mobo cool too!

I also took the opportunity to remove the 2 x 500gb (raided) drives and start using an external 2tb drive. So now I have an internal 2tb (50gb system partition), and an external 2tb. Not only is it a bit more quiet, but it also saves on some power.

This of course means I had to reinstall Windows 7… (some might ask why I don’t use mythbuntu or something – that’s another story). I don’t exactly have a legit version of the OS though, so I had to crack it. In the efforts of being a little more community-spirited, here’s a copy of the Windows 7 Loader that I used to force it to pass the product activation. Enjoy 🙂

On another note, as of a few weeks ago all my astronomy-related posts will now be viewable over at – check it out!

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