moral of the story?

badgers x 12
mushrooms x 2


A brown tree snake, to be precise. This is the only photo I got – streched out along one of the rear supports of the couch… photographing it properly wasn’t on my list of priorities that night!

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So there I was, in the middle of having dinner in the candle tv light, looked down onto the floor and saw this 3-foot specimen slithering under the long couch adjacent to me! And it was kind of dark, and all sorts of things were going through my mind – eg red-bellied black? king brown?… Much jumping around ensued; a torch, broom and a rolled up umbrella were my weapons, and i think i sweated a litre or two.

3 hours later the missus was home, and we ended up calling the local snake catcher guy. $70 kthxbai.

Here are some relevant links for the little critter:
Australian Reptile Park

I dislike the wikipedia entry for this snake; it seems too americanised… too focussed on the Guam infestation.

Moral of the story: don’t leave your doors open even a tiny bit when you live next to the australian bush!

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