msn over mobile 3g can suck, parties*2

I was conversing with Jims on MSN just now, which can ordinarily be challenging enough (haha 😉 j/k buddy) and so instead of the usual short-hand translations that is the naure of IM, we’re also faced with the tendency of mobile phones to use predictive text… it took a minute or two to work this one out properly:

“mind show how much i have nz job and how bored i an”.

He IS a kiwi afterall, and that ‘nz’ referance threw me off.

Moving on, we have two parties to go to this week… *shock horror*… since when did I ever go to parties? And guess what – I’m hosting one of them!! *dies*

Tomorrow we’re going to a “tupperware” party (*snicker*)… the redeeming quality is that there will be alcohol and a bbq. Not sure how much tupperware we’ll view as we’ll have to rock up fashionably late due to work, but it should be fun.

Next Saturday us senior techs are having what is becoming a semi-frequent LAN party at my house… not sure how much gaming will be done (in relation to warez exchange), and I believe beer kegs were arranged within 10 mins of me volunteering my house for the event; that says it all really.

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  1. Jims says:

    A correct translation – for anyone interested is:

    “mine show how much i hate my job and how bored i am” and is a reference to my blog.

    PS: Work sucks hahaha

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