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We bought a new server for OzHosting Solutions – it is now located in california (as opposed to new jersey), so hopefully things will be a little quicker in terms of latency… lord knows the server itself is blazingly fast compared to the old one.
Oh and we’re also changing the name of the business to WaveHosting Solutions…  the site will get a new logo and revamp soon;)

I’ve also been thinking about new careers… i’d like to be a train driver, and an author… but above all, i’d love to be a pilot! Now if only I could afford the $60’000 required for flight school. *sigh*

I’ve actually applied for a role as a trainee train driver with QR – but apparently they’ve been snowed under with applications, so fingers crossed I might get somewhere with it.

And why become an author? After reading so much fantasy, and after realising how much of an impact good stories like Twilight can make people feel, I think i could express something original and worthwhile.

But flying… woo. I’ve spent hours in front of my flight sims, and i go to the airport and hang around for ages whenever I have a reason to be there. I love the whole idea of it. Such freedom…
I remember doing an exercise in high school where we had to think of an animal we thought we could identify with the most… mine was an eagle. Perhaps that’s saying something?

I’ve been coding the CreatioNova NightWatch utility more and more lately… the final bits i have left to do are set up the cron schedule and refine the email that gets sent. Won’t be long now til i can launch it to the world 😉
Stay tuned!

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