new toy, pets, tax, boredom. Such is life!

I got an external 2.5″ HDD this week via one of the trinity members, for only $20!… never had an external hdd to call my own, so to get one now is kind of cool. 60gb is enough for the moment, and it also has a nifty blue LED, hard casing, and a soft fabric outer casing which can unzip to allow the usb connection.

We’re thinking about getting a puppy from the RSPCA… not sure what kind though, but I think it will need to be able to cope with lazy owners, and we don’t want it growing any larger than “medium”… before that though we’d need to get a doggie door installed; can be rather tricky seeing as we have glass sliding doors and the like. We’d need to get something like one of these. We want to name it “Paige” as I really like that name… and if you know my surname, you’ll understand why we couldn’t possibly name one of the children Paige 😆
I need to restock my fishtank too… it is down to 1 cherry barb and 1 neon tetra (plus the groovy bristlenosed catfish which i’ve had for a few years now… he/she’s so cool, complete with a lucky (deformed) fin (which i think was caused in a fight with another catfish when i bought 4 of them))

Got paid well this week, as is the case when both of us get the bonuses at the same time heh heh! I heard that I got taxed the same actual amount as one of the other techs here, but he earnt way less than me… so either he got over taxed or i got undertaxed.
That reminds me… must do my tax return one of these days.

Soooo bored at work at the moment (and what demon conspired to get me to work on such a beautiful sunday morning at 7am? evil!)… i’ve resorted to IRCing again on austnet. god help me.

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