omg wtf it’s an update!!!1!11one?!1one

heh, long time between updates 🙂

so what’s been going on in my life since March… well, I went on a business trip to Manila for two weeks in June. Long (yet satisfying + challenging) working hours, but at the end of it all it made me realise how much I love living in .au… and how much i love being at home with the missus 🙂

Work is still the same as usual… there are four of us left now (*shakes fist @ a certain member of HT1337*). The whole work experience can be summed up in one word now: boring. I know that sounds, well, boring, however when an 8-hour day consisting of ~10 phone calls, each averaging under 3 minute, is considered busy these days, then one will tend to run out of movies and tv shows to watch fairly quickly.
The ‘R‘ word has been bandied about, but nothing much has come of that. Clearly the business wants to retain us, but gawd damn it – give me a challenge!

The administration of OzHosting Solutions has continued to be fun, more so now that the aforementioned member of HT1337 is no longer around much. I’m currently in the middle of re-developing the website for the company… hopefully the look + feel will end up being quite refreshing.

During the trip to manila i bought myself an 8gb iPod Touch, which to my amazement is actually quite a nifty little device… before now i had always considered ipods to be somewhat yuppie however its actually kinda cool (listening to some eric clapton unplugged right now 🙂
Now all i gotta do is find an app somewhere for the device so that it can upload “now playing on my ipod” info to my blog. Plz comment if you know of one.

I finally got my sexy WoW character to level 70! That only took… what… 4 years? Haven’t played much since hitting 70 last week though. My contributions to the war on azeroth have been lacking to say the least!

Am taking about 10 days leave next week too… some friends are coming up from Melbourne and we’re all going to do touristy stuff here in the wider south-east queensland area… should be a nice break from the monotony!

I saw yesterday that the team who brought us some enlightenment with Zeitgeist are planning to release Zeitgeist – Addendum. I can’t recommend this documentary series highly enough. It really encourages you to think about and critically analyze many facets of our society, challenges your beliefs, makes you ask questions. Here’s the trailer for it:

Oh yeah… fucking interest rates. If it weren’t for this year’s tax returns, i think we’d be finding it mighty hard to meet this month’s mortgage repayments, what with an extraordinarily high rates bill and cc debt to pay off as well… *sigh*.

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