our eeepc – now with eeebuntu!

today i re-formatted our eeepc 701 to get rid of xandros. Not that i dislike xandros – quite the contrary – however i thought i’d give the ubuntu flavour a go.

So i downloaded the eeebuntu Netbook Remix distro, and followed the guide on making my 2gb usb key bootable with the iso image created on it. The installation went very smoothly as one would expect with a ubuntu-based distro. The “netbook remix” (NBR) is simply a slightly customised version of the eeebuntu distro, in that instead of the bland gnome desktop it has the nifty screen to display the applications etc, just like the normal xandros-based eee, but the way it should have been from the outset.

I must say I’m very happy with it… some minor little bugs such as incorrect alsa settings had to be resolved, but all in all its great. I setup the cpu scaling as well so that it doesn’t get so hot, and added some games (gnome-games, frozen bubble, crack attack) which weren’t installed by default, which the missus loves.

a few screenies (click to view full size)… i’ll probably write a full review in a few more days after using it a bit more:

eeepc eeebuntu screenshot

eeepc eeebuntu screenshot 2

eeepc eeebuntu screenshot 3

eeepc eeebuntu screenshot 4

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  1. Michael says:

    Are you still using EEEbuntu? I really like it, it’s so much easier to configure than Xandros I think.

  2. elf says:

    yep, I certainly am! Though it is due for an upgrade to the 8.10 version (which i’ve downloaded but just haven’t been bothered to install yet. In fact I might just install it today.
    The one bug with the original version in use when I posted this blog article was that the mouse went all nuts in the launcher application when resuming from suspend… so it had to be manually restarted via the command line:
    alt+f2 to bring up the command run box, then simply execute a script which contains the following:
    killall ume-launcher && ume-launcher

    But apart from that it worked out great.

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