turnkey my butt

there’s something to be said about an ISP which introduces a new product to the market without even testing it.
Here’s the issue:

The ISP (my indirect employer) develops a new back-end solution to manage its entire product set and billing and everything else under the sun over a period of almost 2 years. It has enormously high hopes of success, and equally as high expectations of success. One of its features is the ability to introduce new products easily, which the industry (marking tards) dub ‘turnkey’ solutions (ie, new products introduced at the drop-of-a-hat, so to speak).
ISP has had quite big – and very public – teething problems with said solution.
ISP, in its wisdom, introduces yet another new product range – ADSL2+ – into the mix, while the system is still having problems with its existing products yet to be ironed out.
It is then revealed that this new product was released without a single real-world test being done. No test accounts. No internal ADSL2+ lines. No trials of any kind. No idea if the whole sales/provisioning/delivery process will actually succeed end-to-end.

What sane ISP would actually do that? Is this a sudden burst of adrenaline that can get an injured person to the phone to ring an ambulance, or is it an ineffectual convulsion in the midst of the throes of death?
(please forgive my cynical metaphore there)

Oh yeah, there were also price hikes for the existing products too.

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