where’s my datacentre?


Just had to spend the last two and a half days getting our primary web hosting service back up and running after a criticial failure of the main server’s motherboard. Mind you, most of that was getting the managed server provider to figure out what the problem actually was… communicating with a company via email on the other side of the world doesn’t usually lend itself to quick and easy resolutions of the problem
In the end we had to buy a new server, get the old server hdd added as a secondary hdd, wait for directadmin to be installed and setup, spend a few hours figuring out that users had to be re-added individually rather than simply copied, merge and reload their website / sql / email / dns data, etc….
I hate DirectAdmin.
I loathe it.
I think we should simply create a new customer-management system with fully-modular/self-contained user directories containing ALL their various types of data and config files, etc. At least then we’d have full control over it (ie flexibility), it’d work (and we’d know -how- it works), and accounts could be backed up easily.

Whatever. I’m over it!

Whatever happened to my dream of building a datacentre? You know, racks of servers with hardware and networking managed by us and software maintained by the customer…
I wanna do what NAC or RackSpace do; but better… I want to see racks full of servers and disk arrays and networks positively glowing with activity…


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